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BASF Excellence Recognised with Gillette’s Omnimark Award

BASF has received the Gillette Company's Omnimark Award in recognition for its excellent record in providing outstanding quality and service in 2003-the only European raw materials producer to be honoured in such a way.

Particular recognition was given to BASF as a supplier of specialty styrene polymers-Luran® S and Terlux®- and services to Gillette's German subsidiary Braun, the well-known maker of small electrical appliances. BASF's colour-matching service is able to provide specialties like Luran® S in over 30 shades worldwide and in the same quality. If necessary, colour matchings can be provided within a matter of days. Braun's suppliers throughout the world also take advantage of this service. "That we have never had any colour problems during our long-standing partnership with Braun really says a lot about our styrenic specialties," says Christian Janeba, BASF's key account manager for Braun.

BASF's service is just as much a success factor as are worldwide product availability and uniform quality. Christian Reichardt, head of procurement at Braun, explains: "Appliances like electric toothbrushes comprise numerous parts, which are made from various types of plastic. Not only must these plastics be readily available, they must also be matched to each other in terms of colour."

Luran® S is an ASA (acrylonitrile/styrene/acrylate) copolymer that Braun uses primarily in products such as electric toothbrushes, oral irrigators, infrared ear thermometers and hair dryers. The specialty Terlux® (MABS) is used for the digital display window of the company's blood pressure monitors. Apart form the styrenic specialties, Braun uses other BASF plastics-Luran® (SAN), Terluran® (ABS), Ultramid® (PA) and Ultraform® (POM)-in a number of electrical items such as razors, electric toothbrushes and kitchen equipment.

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