AIME Produce Green Asphalt Products

Aggregate Industries Northeast Region (AINE) has quickly become one of the leading developers and suppliers of innovative asphalt products designed to ensure high quality solutions that are environmentally friendly. Through the introduction of Warm Mix Asphalt technology, AINE has been successful in producing asphalt products which are sustainable and "green". This technology has enabled production of hot mix asphalt that incorporates higher levels of recycled asphalt product (RAP), and as a result, this reduces consumption of virgin materials and the energy used to process them while being able to produce a material that yields characteristics similar to those produced with 100% virgin components. This range of products is designed to address residential roadway maintenance needs, environmentally sensitive applications, pavement solutions providing increased durability and higher recycled content, and fuel and oil resistant pavement products.

Aggregate Industries has installed a state-of-the-art wax blending system at its liquid asphalt terminal located in Everett, Massachusetts. The system automatically blends Sasobit wax with hot liquid asphalt which can then be delivered by tanker to any asphalt producer. The blending capabilities at the Everett terminal allow Aggregate Industries to provide asphalt producers across the Northeast with warm mix capabilities.

The focus behind the company's production capabilities and extensive product range is the incorporation of warm mix asphalt technology, which results in a product that can be applied in cool temperatures, hauled longer distances, utilize higher percentage of recycled materials, and is easier for contractors to work with and install. Additionally, warm-mix technology results in reduced fuel consumption, lowered plant emissions and better site working conditions.

Mark Nikitas, the Regional External Hot Mix Asphalt Sales Manager, stated "Aggregate Industries has always been proud to be at the cutting edge of product innovation and has been a leader in developing environmentally friendly solutions for the construction industry. Using products like the ones we offer ensures reduced energy costs, lowered material costs, and increased product availability during cold weather months, while contributing to reducing CO2 emissions and decreasing fuel consumption."

Aggregate Industries has sold more then 100,000 tons of warm mix asphalt in the Boston Metropolitan area, on projects such as:

  • I-93 North & South Expressway for the Massachusetts Highway Department
  • Logan International Airport Runway 22L for the Mass Port Authority

Logan Airport is the first FAA commercial airport in the United States to have used warm-mix asphalt in the paving of their runways and taxiways. Expressway I-93 was the first major highway project in Massachusetts done using warm mix. The main factor helping to make the decision to use warm mix was because of the traffic restrictions associated with the job. The highway could be opened up to traffic almost immediately, instead of having to wait for one hour and a half if HMA had been used. The continued development and utilization of this technology represents a significant innovation in asphalt paving and demonstrates Aggregate's commitment to providing sustainable solutions for the construction industry.

Roberto Huet, Senior Vice President, Northeast Region of Aggregate Industries stated, "We believe strongly in the need to bring innovative products to market that solve the infrastructural needs of New England, while promoting increases in efficiency and a reduction in emissions. At Aggregate Industries we believe that responsible companies can accomplish this goal while improving product quality and reducing costs for the states."

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