Environmentally Friendly Way to Extract Oil from Oil Sand

Astra Enterprises of Toronto, Canada Headed by Engineer/ Hossam Shaltout has developed state of the Art Technology that separates the Bitumen (Oil) from the sand without the use any heating whatsoever and leaves clean tailings. The tailings are so clean that they can be used for different purposes. The sand and clay can be used for construction, the water can be reused, and pure minerals can even be extracted. This is a giant step from the current technologies using a massive amount of heat contributing to global warming, releasing CO2, and leaving a polluted tailings causing considerable environmental damage. This new technology can also be used to clean the polluted tailing ponds left by the current technologies. This new technology works only on the oilsand mining operations. This technology became possible through developing a unique solution that separates the oil from the sand.

Another advantage for this technology is decreasing the capital equipment and the operating costs. Astra Enterprises is in the design stage of using this new method to take the tailings from current operations and extract the residual Bitumen (Oil) from it leaving clean tailings. The second step is to clean the massive tailing ponds in Alberta. The third step is to use this technology to extract the Bitumen (Oil) from the oilsand leaving no tailing ponds behind. Currently due to the high capital cost and production cost many of the new projects are put on hold. Also due to the damaging environmental impact the current operations might be forced to cut down on their oil production.

Astra Enterprises put the environment first and has created another solution that joins fuel to the water. That way we can mix 3% of this solution and 7% water to 90% fuel causing the engine to run cooler and drastically cut the emissions and extend the life of the engine by about 100% plus increase the gas mileage.

Source: PRWeb

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