Poly Fenders with Liquid Platinum Finish for Lonestar Trucks

Talk about synchronicity. The new International Lonestar Truck: Edgy, made for individuals, and rugged, is the perfect machine for the Minimizer MIN1300 fenders with the liquid platinum finish option.

What's going on here? Well, the new Lonestar is the hottest truck going. So, we decided to throw on a set of our MIN1300 tandem axle Minimizer poly fenders and it was a perfect fit. It's like they were made for each other. In a way, they were.

Minimizer has been around 25 years and we've been working long and hard to create newer, dynamic finishes for today's tough customers. The new liquid platium color matches the Lonestar's existing fenders, fairing, bumpers and tanks and the installation is easy. The Minimizer bracket kits mate seamlessly with the Lonestar frame. The lines and style is a solid match.

The new Lonestar tractor is a natural fit for the spirit of Minimizer: Made for individuals. Brandon Fox with North Central International, a dealership located in Mankato, Minnesota, installed Minimizer MIN1300 poly fenders on a new Lonestar Tractor at their dealership. The impact was significant and immediate.

"We literally sold out of Minimizer fenders that day as a result of the Minimizer fenders being on the new Lonestar. It makes the Lonestar even more attractive because of the platium finish," Brandon said.

"The Minimizer is really durable and with liquid platium it has the stainless steel look people want. It did wonders for this truck. We even added the LED lights from Minimizer for a complete finish, replacing the OEM light bar," Brandon added.

Minimizer poly fenders will enhance the performance and look of all makes and models of over the road trucks. If a Lonestar isn't on the horizon for you, enhance your current truck with Minimizer poly products. The toughness is unmatched as seen on this Minimizer promotional video entitled "Tested & Tortured".

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