RectorSeal Acquire Firestop Product Line

RectorSeal, a leading manufacturer of firestop products and mechanical devices, has completed the acquisition of the FlameSafe firestop product line from Grace Construction Products, a unit of W.R. Grace & Co. This comprehensive line of firestop products that saves lives by inhibiting the spread of fire, smoke and hot gases within a burning structure will now be manufactured and distributed worldwide by The RectorSeal Corporation, a subsidiary of Dallas-based Capital Southwest Corporation.

FlameSafe offers a complete line of firestopping products, including intumescent/elastomeric products, sealants, mortar, putties, firestop bags, sleeves, and mechanical devices as well as cable protection products that are ideal for use in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. These products restore the integrity of fire-rated assemblies (walls, floors, ceilings, construction joints and partitions) by expanding when heated to seal the small and large openings created by penetrations of metal, non-metal and insulated piping, EMT conduits, cables and cable trays, HVAC ducts and electrical bus/wire ways. Many tested and approved FlameSafe systems are available to meet the needs of contractors on new and retrofit projects.

Acquisition of the FlameSafe product line will complement RectorSeal's current firestop business by adding customers in previously underserved segments of the construction market.

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