Innovative Recycling Program for Polyamide-Nylon Materials

In its continuing contribution to sustainable development, Arkema has developed Rcycle, an innovative global service package based on recycling Rilsan and Pebax technical polymers, in particular those of renewable origin. Rcycle covers the collection and sorting of waste, and its reuse in a range of recycled polymers.

Rcycle, a recycling program covering a product's entire lifecycle
Rcycle encompasses the entire lifecycle of Rilsan and Pebax applications by providing the collection, sorting and reuse of production scraps as well as end-of-life articles through an exclusive global-coverage partnership with the company Agiplast.

The Rcycle program targets the Rilsan and Pebax polymers used in high added value applications (e.g. electronics, automotive, and sports equipment) and combines optimum environmental impact with economic benefits. The Rcycle program will result in the development of a range of recycled products marketed under the tradenames Rilsan Rcycle and Pebax Rcycle.

Through Rcycle, Arkema helps companies manage both their waste and recycled technical polymers. Hence Rcycle positions Arkema with these companies as an eco-design partner that can take charge of the waste throughout the lifecycle of their applications and help them reuse this material.

Arkema, a partner in its customers' eco-design approach
Because eco-design is only meaningful when it includes the environmental impact at every phase of a product's development, Arkema stands out as a unique partner through:

  • its unparalleled range of Arkema «Renewables» bio-sourced polymers, which help reduce both the environmental impact and the use of fossil resources and Arkema's 60 years of expertise in plant-based chemistry:
    • Rilsan PA11: polyamide 11, flexible or rigid, with up to 100% renewable content and CO2 emissions 40% below those of polyamide 12,
    • Pebax Rnew: a thermoplastic elastomer, with 20 to 95% renewable content,
    • Rilsan Clear Rnew: a transparent polyamide, with up to 50% renewable content,
    • Rilsan HT: a high temperature polyamide, with up to 70% renewable content.
  • the high performance and low density of these polymers :
    • extend the lifetime of applications,
    • reduce the weight of applications: typically 20% lower density than competitive plastics and up to 2 to 8 times lower density than steel or aluminum (Rilsan resins are often used to replace these metals),
    • reduce consumption and pollution (e.g. in automotive fuel lines where they offer light weight and excellent permeation resistance).
  • its industrial practices: Arkema is resolutely committed to improving safety and the protection of health and the environment, in particular through the Responsible Care program.

This global recycling service package further consolidates Arkema's position as an eco-responsible company meeting the challenges of sustainable development.

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