Geotechnical Services Introduces the SPECTRO XSORT Handheld XRF Analyzers to the U.S. Market

Geotechnical Services, Inc. is proud to bring the SPECTRO xSORT handheld XRF non-alloy analyzers to the U.S. market . As a premier consulting and sales organization dedicated to providing laboratory and field analytical solutions to the environmental, mining, and lead-free industries, we are happy to offer a new suite of application solutions for the SPECTRO xSORT handheld XRF.

First introduced to the market in September of 2008, the SPECTRO xSORT's original alloy analysis capabilities have been expanded to include applications for RoHS compliance and lead screening as well as for the analysis of soil for environmental testing and the direct analysis of ores, concentrates and tailings.

The SPECTRO xSORT, weighing just 3.7 pounds (1.7 kilograms), is a powerful, lab-quality analytical instrument for rapid, nondestructive XRF analysis. SPECTRO-the expert and global leader in elemental analysis instrumentation-has leveraged its expertise to create a truly lab-worthy handheld XRF instrument. With just a few seconds testing time, it nondestructively analyzes the presence and concentration of all elements between magnesium and uranium in a sample.

The state-of-the-art silicon drift detector (SDD) used in the xSORT handheld XRF analyzer processes signals up to ten times faster than the detectors conventionally used in handheld XRF instruments. SPECTRO Analytical boasts a unique expertise in optimizing Silicon Drift Detectors, as they have been using this detector type in their instruments for the last twelve years. Dirk Wissmann, Product Manager for XRF instruments at SPECTRO, explains: "Depending on the task, users can utilize the high readout rate to measure with the xSORT much faster than with other instruments, or use traditional measurement times and achieve significantly better detection limits and accuracy."

High Readout Rate, High-Speed Measurements, Best Value in Handheld XRF
The updated and perfected lead screening, RoHS, and CPSIA compliance application packages are possibly the most innovative and important new changes to the SPECTRO xSORT. Deblyn Palella, Director of XRF Sales and Compliance Expert, explains: "In the United States, the presence of lead and other regulated substances continues to be found again and again in toys, jewelry and cosmetics. The CPSIA and its upcoming February 2010 enforcement deadline make the fulfillment of screening and testing requirements an urgent concern for many manufacturers and importers of consumer products. The new xSORT compliance packages are a perfect complement to Geotechnical Services' compliance expertise."

The SPECTRO xSORT handheld XRF instrument is nondestructive and offers an unbeatable level of analytical adaptability at a highly competitive cost, including silicon drift detectors optimized for best performance as a standard feature. For screening measurements, the high-speed xSORT really shows what it can do: "When a warehouse clerk needs to test several hundred products at a time, it makes a big difference whether he/she has to hold the XRF instrument still for 30 or 90 seconds," explains Dirk Wissmann.

Fast, accurate environmental screening and soil analysis are now staple applications of the SPECTRO xSORT handheld XRF analyzer. With the instrument, users simply pull the trigger to obtain the elemental composition of soil or sludge, or to ascertain whether or not an old telephone pole was treated with now illegal CCA wood preservative.

The xSORT is very easy to operate, with a user interface designed with the handheld XRF user in mind: the user places the nose of the handheld XRF instrument against the soil or sample, pulls the trigger and, within just a few seconds, views the elemental composition on the PDA display. Small or thin samples can be examined using the optional docking station. The SPECTRO xSORT is available with various configuration options for especially accurate results and additional ease of use. Options include extremely large surface area detectors for lab-quality soil analysis or an integrated GPS module that stores sampling locations with elemental concentration readings when geologists analyze rock or mining samples.

The three new SPECTRO xSORT application packages-RoHS compliance and lead screening, environmental testing, and mining analysis -are available immediately, worldwide.


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