SPE's Plastics Environmental Division Announce Winners of 2010 Environmental Stewardship Awards

The Plastics Environmental Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) today announced the recipients of the Global Plastics Environmental Conference (GPEC) 2010 Environmental Stewardship Awards.

Presentations will take place at the Division's Global Plastics Environmental Conference (GPEC), taking place March 8-10 in Orlando, FL, U.S.A. The awards reflect the conference theme "Sustainability & Recycling: Raising the Bar in Today's Economy."

The award recipients are listed below.

  • Nicos Polymers Group (Nazareth, PA): CHAIRMAN'S AWARD for a proprietary process for the removal of continuous fiber reinforcement from flexible composites, making possible the cleanest recovery of the valuable polymer substrate.
  • Delta Plastics of the South (Little Rock, AR): DANIEL EBERHARDT ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP AWARD. Having achieved its extraordinary goal of reclaiming and recycling virtually 100% of its used manufactured LLDPE irrigation tubing, Delta Plastics is now recycling a large portion of competitors' tubing and an additional 1,436,000 pounds (650 metric tons) per month of miscellaneous LDPE products into certified post-consumer resin.
  • Arkema Inc. (Philadelphia, PA): "Plastic Materials from Renewable Sources" . Pebax RNew is the first engineering thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) range made from renewable resources.
  • BIOtech Products LLC (Randolph, New Jersey): "New Environmental Technologies in Conventional Plastic Materials". BIOchem organometallic additives render conventional plastics landfill biodegradable (in accordance with ASTM D 5526 for anaerobic biodegradation in landfills), while retaining or improving normal service life and processing as typically expected of organotitanates.
  • Eco Research Institute Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan): "Emerging Technologies in Materials, Processing & Applications". New technologies for pulverizing paper into powders as minute as 50 ìm (50 X 10-6 m) and compounding the paper with plastics yield pelletized eco-friendly plastics for mass-production molding.
  • VAST Enterprises LLC (Minneapolis, MN): "Design for Sustainability". Composite pavers produced from a proprietary blend of up to 95% recycled car tires and plastic containers meet the demanding requirements for aesthetics, durability, sustainability, and installation efficiency.
  • Amway (Ada, MI): "Design for Sustainability". The eSpring System is an innovative water purifier that incorporates a sustainable design based on life-cycle assessment without sacrificing the features and benefits that consumers desire.
  • Associated Packaging Technologies (Chadds Ford, PA): "Plastics Recycling Technologies and Applications". A range of thermoformed crystalline PET (CPET) trays is designed with smaller environmental impacts than traditional CPET products.
  • Mannington Mills Inc. (Salem, NJ): "Carpet/Floor/Wall Coverings Recycling". Mannington has expanded LOOP, their program for recycling post-consumer carpet into carpet and resilient, to now include recycling vinyl composition tile (VCT).
  • Mack Molding Company (Arlington, VT) and BigBelly Solar (Needham, MA): "Enabling Technologies in Processes and Procedures". The BigBelly Solar Compactor is a solar-powered compacting trash receptacle for large scale, low-cost municipal waste collection; Mack injection molds the solar bubble, fabricates the back panel and door, procures over 150 unique parts, and totally assembles the compactor and optional recycler for direct shipment to BigBelly Solar's customers all over the world.

The GPEC conference takes place March 8-10 in The Florida Hotel & Conference Center, Orlando, Florida USA. The awards will be presented at a banquet on evening of Tuesday, March 9th. More information on GPEC 2010 is available at www.sperecycling.org, or www.4spe.org, or by contacting Lesley Kyle at + 1-203-740-5452 or [email protected].

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