Update on Troubleshooting in Thermoforming Book Now Available from iSmithers Rapra Publishing

iSmithers Rapra Publishing has announced the release of Update on Troubleshooting in Thermoforming.

Thermoforming is one of the most common methods of processing plastics. It is extensively used by the packaging industry to produce disposable containers from blister packs for pharmaceuticals and electronics to microwavable food trays.

There are many potential sources for problems in thermoforming and it is often hard to recognise the source of the problem to trouble shoot. This book provides an insight into the problems occurring during production and offers detailed remedies in terms of the sheet to be thermoformed and its basic compound. It examines the different types of surface defects, how to identify them and ways to resolve them.

This book will prove constructive reading to all those involved in the processing of plastics and wanting to remedy their thermoforming problems.

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