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Fujifilm Launch World's First Anti-Counterfeit Label

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigetaka Komori) launches "ForgeGuard", the world's first anti-counterfeit label which can be seen full-color images or text clearly with a special viewer on March 3, 2010.

The number of counterfeit products in circulation is getting larger each year, causing damage worth tens of trillions of yen each year, across the world. The fake items include premium brand products, software, automotive parts, electronic components, toys, foods, medicines, and pharmaceutical products. Forgery has emerged as a major social issue, as counterfeit products not only cause lost sales and tarnish brand image, but also distribute substandard products that may cause accidents, or possibly harm or kill in the case of fake pharmaceuticals. In recent years, there have been many cases of anti-counterfeit technologies being counterfeited.

The newly introduced "ForgeGuard" taps into Fujifilm's technologies for proprietary functional material, precision processing, and image design. It is an anti-counterfeit label that regulates light wavelengths on the nano-optic level, so those with special viewers can see hidden full-color images. The use of a special viewer makes this label difficult to forge, as it effectively masks the type of anti-counterfeit technology applied.

ForgeGuard can display a high-resolution full-color image, a worldwide first for anti-counterfeiting technology, thus making counterfeits even more difficult to produce. Recent anti-counterfeit systems (e.g. Color Shifting that changes colors / images based on angle, 3D animation) have become so complex that, despite the improbability of complete reproduction, users can no longer tell the difference between the real and fake labels at a glance. ForgeGuard's ability to display a clear full-color image enables a simple visual check.

ForgeGuard is available in three types; (1) sticker label, (2) ID-size laminating pouch with ForgeGuard in the ID photo section, and (3) roll film with ForgeGuard on the full surface. The use of a new digital drawing system eliminates the need to prepare an original printing plate, and accommodates small-lot orders of around 100,000 pieces.

Fujifilm will continue to utilize its advanced proprietary technologies it has nurtured over many years to provide products that meet customer needs in the field of security.

ForgeGuard will be showcased at the Security Show 2010, which is held from March 9 to 12.

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