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American Elements Expands Erbium Oxide Production Facilities

Los Angeles-based American Elements announced the further expansion of its erbium oxide (Er2O3) production facilities to meet growing demand from glass and optics customers. ErO forms include powder, high purity pieces, discs, and sputtering targets for thin film deposition.

Pottery glazed with American Elements erbium oxide produces a brilliant opaque pink color

Pottery glazed with American Elements? erbium oxide produces a brilliant opaque pink colorErbium Oxide is a critical component in state of the art glass batch formulations and of growing value to glass and ceramic makers for its distinct pink color. Erbium Oxide in fact produces the only true opaque pink.

At full capacity, the new facility will deliver in excess of 50 metric tons monthly. The new production capability will affect deliveries beginning immediately. Small quantities for testing and qualification are now available. This will also expand American Elements' production of high purity erbium products, such as 99.999% erbium chloride for use in producing EDFA (erbium-doped fiber amplification) optic materials and sputtering targets, high purity pellets and granules for chemical vapor deposition and other thin film applications.


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