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Roller Ball Run Made from BASF's Expanded Polypropylene

viavario is the name of the patented roller ball run made from BASF's Neopolen P (EPP: expanded polypropylene). Produced by the construction system manufacturer isorast, Germany the ball run consists of modules which can be joined together to create new tracks. It benefits from the expanded polypropylene's features such as low weight, impact strength, durability and a wide range of colors.

Neopolen P is pollutant-tested and flexible, yet so stable that the individual parts of the track can be repeatedly dismantled and accurately fitted together again. The foam absorbs little water, which makes viavario suitable for outdoor use. A roller ball run is a construction in which a ball rolls over a course simply by gravity.

Neopolen P consists of expanded, predominantly closed-cell, air-filled particles. The flexible material distinguishes itself by its high energy absorption and very good resilience: the particles absorb the energy on impact and then release it again over a period of time, during which the foam returns to its original shape. There is no permanent material deformation or break, so there is no loss of the absorption properties. Components made of the BASF foam can be easily cleaned and disinfected because Neopolen P is resistant to oils and chemicals.

"In addition to these properties, we were particularly impressed with the wide range of high-quality colors ranging from black through signal red, grass green and blue to yellow and burgundy. Because Neopolen is easy to foam into different geometries, intricate constructions can be produced with arches and curves, also shaped rails over which the balls travel with a minimum of vibration, friction and noise. The track therefore offers new combination options, such as switchbacks", says Manfred Bruer, managing director of isorast. viavario is available as a modular system with two golf balls and 36 units. A module consists of lightweight cubes (50 grams each) in which straight sections, double straight sections, curves, ramps or openings are impressed. According to the manufacturer, the game is suitable for children of 3 years upward. At Frankfurt Airport, Germany, terminal 1/B a viavario roller ball run can be visited.

Neopolen P - versatile and environmentally friendly

Neopolen P is an expanded polypropylene (EPP) which offers very good shock absorption, low weight and high thermal stability. The particle foam combines high energy absorption - even after repeated impact - with good resilience and isotropic deformation behavior. These properties, which also include low water absorption and good chemical resistance, open up a lot of applications ranging from automotive construction, packaging and transport containers to applications in sport and leisure. Neopolen P is 100 percent recyclable. It is manufactured and processed without the use of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons).


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