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New Double Refractive Crystal with 485 µs Lifespan

Nd:YLF is a double refractive crystal that emits polarized light at perpendicular angles at 1047 nm and 1053 nm. In addition, there are also transitions at 1.3 µm.

Nd:YLF Crystals

This material is characterized by a low and slightly negative change in refractive index over temperature (dn/dT). This leads to thermal lens effects that are significantly less distinctive than in Nd:YAG; the beam quality of Nd:YLF is, therefore, better. This crystal can be both cw and pulse pumped using either lamps or laser diodes as the pump source.


  • Doping: 0.5% .. 3.0% (Std. 1.1%)
  • Dimensions: Length 1 - 180 mm
  • Diameter: 1 - 20 mm

With a lifespan of 485 µs, the life expectancy of spontaneous fluorescence at 1047 nm is more than twice as long as that of Nd:YAG. This is why Nd:YLF can be pumped twice as long before a spontaneous emission discharges. More optical pump energy can be stored in this material, which is why the peak power of Q-switched systems is higher.


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