Cytec Launches New GMR UV Curable Adhesives in Asia

Cytec Engineered Materials, a business unit of Cytec Industries Inc. (NYSE: CYT), is expanding its launch of new GELVA® Multipolymer Radiation (GMR) UV curable pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) into Asia to meet the regions’ emerging need for UV curable PSAs with exceptional adhesive characteristics to both low- and high-energy surfaces.

Cytec’s UV PSA products deliver one of the most important technology improvements available to high performance tape coaters in a long time — a 100% solid product with solvent-based-plus performance and the coating and manufacturing economies of a hot melt coating line (i.e., fast speed, thick one-pass deposition, lower cost-in-use). Targeted applications include high performance industrial tapes, automotive instrument panel and membrane switch assemblies, nameplates and foam tapes. Cytec’s First Generation UV PSA product portfolio includes GMR 8103 and GMR 8020 and is a key component of the Cytec Engineered Materials’ High Performance Industrial Materials portfolio. These products will enable Asian tape manufacturers to enter and be competitive in markets where typical solvent-based PSA products are not practical.

GMR 8103 is specially formulated to bond with low-surface-energy (LSE) substrates. GMR 8103’s balance of performance and cost makes it a superior choice for emerging and non-traditional LSE applications. GMR 8020’s high-performance and versatile surface adhesion makes it suitable for applications that were previously out of reach with standard PSA products. Both GMR products coat well on standard hot-melt coating equipment for both wide web and narrow web applications. With these GMR products, any application requiring bonding from a low-surface-energy material to a high-surface-energy substrate can be achieved without sacrificing performance.

Cytec Engineered Materials is holding a comprehensive seminar and demonstration, specifically designed to support customers within the Asian marketplace, on 30 June 2010 in Shanghai, China. It will feature technical and industry presentations about this exciting new technology, talks by industry experts and a live coating demonstration.



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