Dymotek Honored for its Materials Processing Excellence

Dymotek, a Connecticut based plastic Injection molding company has received the Golden Mousetrap Award from the editors of Design News. The award is based on a joint project between Dymotek and their customer, Nestlé Professional Vitality Beverage Solutions.

The award was in recognition of materials processing excellence and innovation for a silicon two-shot molding process, which was used to produce a beverage pump for their customer, Nestlé Professional Vitality.

“We took a very innovative liquid pump design that was designed by Nestlé Professional Vitality’s Engineering team in Zephyrhills, Florida and manufactured the product using an innovative silicon two-shot process,” explains Victor Morando, VP of Engineering Services for Dymotek. “The result was a 65% reduction in the manufacturing assembly time over traditional methods. The two-shot process allows Dymotek to manufacture this high performance beverage pump at a much faster production rate, while maintaining the same high production standards of our customer.”

Nestlé Professional Vitality’s Bump Pump offers a controlled delivery of concentrated fluid in coffee dispensing machines. “Dymotek’s two-shot process allowed us to use premium raw materials for improved precision while still reducing overall product cost with the savings from the two-shot process,” notes Rick Baron, chief engineer at Nestlé Professional Vitality. “We can offer our customers a better product because of the synergy of our novel design and Dymotek’s materials expertise and manufacturing capabilities.”

Source: http://www.dymotek.com/

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