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EMRISE to Deliver Power Supplies, RF Devices for New Commercial Aircraft

EMRISE CORPORATION (NYSE Arca: ERI), a multi-national manufacturer of defense and aerospace electronic devices and communications equipment, today announced that it has received a $540,000 production order for power supplies and radio frequency (RF) devices to be used in an advanced, multimedia In-Flight Entertainment and Communications (IFE&C) system to be installed on a number of new commercial aircraft.

The order was received from a long standing international customer by the Company’s Pascall Electronics Ltd. subsidiary located in England and is expected to be shipped in the third and fourth quarters of 2010.

EMRISE Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Carmine T. Oliva said Pascall’s ability to successfully produce, market and deliver the sophisticated devices and subsystems required in today’s advanced, multimedia IFE&C systems, as well as in legacy In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) systems is a key part of the Company’s strategy to refocus its U.K.-based subsidiaries on expanding their aerospace and defense business in the U.S. and Europe that was announced on June 15.

“We believe this order is another indication of the beginning of a turnaround in the demand for IFE&C and IFE systems, and based on recent customer input, we anticipate receiving additional orders for these types of systems from other customers in the near future.” Oliva added. “As the demand for advanced, multimedia IFE&C and legacy IFE systems increases, we believe we are well positioned to capitalize on that demand, which we believe will be an important contributor to the success of our strategies to grow revenue and add value for our stockholders.”

Pascall provides a range of power systems, RF devices and integrated subsystems for a number of commercial aerospace and defense applications, including IFE&C and legacy IFE systems. The Company’s power systems, RF devices, integrated subsystems and other electronic-device products are key elements of these systems and essential to the reliable delivery of a range of high quality, multi-media in-flight entertainment features.


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