Gaiker Technological Centre Launch Initiative to Develop Plastic Construction Materials

In 2003 the GAIKER technological sector initiated a project based on the development and improvement of plastic materials and products for the construction sector. Amongst the various industrial sectors, this sector is the second biggest consumer of the market at a national level –14.4% of the total plastics consumption.

Architects, engineers and interior designers are ever more aware of the advantages that plastics compounds can offer in their respective fields. These materials have a greater resistance to oxidation and corrosion than traditional materials, they need little maintenance, they are light and, moreover, allow more flexibility when designing products and facilitating and cutting times in assembly and construction operations.

This is why, apart from the already classic applications in tubing, guttering or insulation and thermal coatings, plastics are currently being employed in the construction of railings for stairways and balconies (they realistically imitate the effect of natural stone facing bricks), substituting floor tiles or in the manufacture of baths and work surfaces.

GAIKER Technological Centre has launched into this project with the aim of developing new solutions in plastic and composite materials for the construction sector. With this aim in mind, the following lines of action have been established:

  • Development of structural applications. The reinforced composite materials show a great mechanical resistance and so the possibility of employing them in columns, pillars, bridges, walkways and floors based on this type of materials is being studied.
  • Development of offshore engineering applications, i.e. structures in an offshore environment and which present suitable resistance to corrosion. Development of materials for repairing already existing infrastructures (putty, mortar, etc.).
  • Advancing in the monitoring and sensorisation of structures by employing intelligent materials.
  • Development of decorative coatings with enhanced properties facing fire (reaction to fire, density of smoke and toxicity of gases generated during combustion).

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