Veeco Introduce AFM's with Superior Integration of Raman Spectroscopy

Veeco Instruments Inc. (Nasdaq: VECO), the leading provider of atomic force microscopy technology to the nanoscience community, announced today the release of the IRIS(TM) models for Innova(R) and BioScope(TM) Catalyst(TM) Atomic Force Microscopes (AFMs) to provide superior integration and accessibility for combined atomic force microscopy and Raman spectroscopy research.

The new systems feature proprietary AFM performance and ease-of-use innovations that allow researchers to generate advanced AFM data simply and routinely, regardless of user skill level. The IRIS systems utilize scanning mechanisms and optical access that are tailored precisely to enable co-localized and high spatial resolution spectroscopy in life science or materials research.

"Researchers have relied on custom systems to combine AFM with spectroscopy, and there is a real need for commercial products that allow a greater percentage of spectroscopists to perform these complimentary techniques more easily and accurately," said Mark R. Munch, Ph.D, Executive Vice President, Veeco Metrology & Instrumentation. "Our extensive AFM expertise and close collaboration with the leading inverted microscope and Raman spectrometer manufacturers have allowed us to develop seamlessly integrated AFM-Raman systems that can be tailored to specific application requirements, allowing researchers to concentrate on the data rather than the nuances of the technologies."

"ScanAsyst(TM) Imaging Mode and other recent Veeco innovations have revolutionized bio-AFM by making it dramatically easier for researchers of all experience levels to perform specialized experiments," added David Rossi, Vice President and General Manager of Veeco's AFM Business. "With the Catalyst-IRIS and Innova-IRIS Systems, Veeco has taken the next step, leveraging technological advances to bring the full combined power of co-located AFM and Raman studies to targeted applications, including the characterization of photovoltaic devices, nanostructured materials, and biological samples. The ability to correlate the high quality data from Raman spectroscopy and the unique nanoscale mechanical properties provided by Veeco AFM will enable researchers to push into new frontiers of research."

About Catalyst-IRIS and Innova-IRIS

The Catalyst-IRIS (Integrated Raman Imaging System) and Innova-IRIS models leverage the unique capabilities of the Catalyst and Innova platforms, providing extensive integration of the combined AFM and Raman imaging system for efficient setup and operation of co-located measurements. The systems, which are compatible with leading inverted optical microscopes and Raman systems, are TERS-ready, pushing the spatial resolution of chemical mapping into the nanoscale regime. The system integration is designed to preserve the capabilities of each component, thus providing richer nanoscale information.


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