Modern Plastics Enhances its Medical-Grade Product Portfolio

Modern Plastics has added extruded-plate MediPEEK™-IM, a permanent implantable medical-grade PEEK (Polyetheretherketone), to its medical-grade plastics offering.

MediPEEK-IM is a high-performance semi-crystalline thermoplastic designed for long-term body contact. The resin is produced to ASTM F2026 specifications and has been extensively tested to ISO-10993 requirements.

Applications include spinal cages, fixation rods, orthopedic implants, ophthalmic tools, surgical instruments and dental and diagnostic devices. MediPEEK-IM's advantages are biocompatibility, mechanical strength/toughness, superior hydrolysis and chemical resistance with excellent dimensional stability. It is also sterilizable, radio-translucent and natural in color.

Modern Plastics is a distributor for Westlake Plastics Company, which manufactures implantable medical-grade MediPEEK-IM products for the medical device community using FDA-mandated GMPS. Current stocking rod sizes by Modern Plastics are 20mm, 25mm and 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm, all in one-meter lengths. Other sizes are available upon request.

In addition, Modern Plastics now offers various sizes of extruded MediPEEK™-IM in 1.000" thick 12.000" x 12.000" extruded plate. Upon special request, thicknesses from 0.250" to 4.000", width up to 18.000" and length up to 40.000" are available.

"This new capability to offer MediPEEK-IM in extruded plate allows flexibility in terms of yields, machinability and cost-savings," said Bing J. Carbone, President of Modern Plastics. He added, "MediPEEK-IM offers an alternative equivalent product to the marketplace with distinct advantages that include easier and faster access, better supply chain management and no contractual obligations. The value proposition we can offer now is truly exciting, and we think a much-needed improvement in the way implantable PEEK has been presented in the past."


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