New Titanium Alloy from Allegheny Ideal for Aerospace Applications

Allegheny Technologies Incorporated (NYSE:ATI) is introducing its new titanium ATI 425® Alloy to the commercial aerospace industry at this year’s Farnborough International Air Show, near London, UK.

The Company’s display, located in Hall 4, G16, features several ATI 425® Alloy titanium product forms, including continuously cold-rolled titanium sheet, formed plate, and prototype aerospace fasteners.

ATI 425® Alloy is an alpha/beta titanium alloy whose alloying elements produce a material that can be hot or cold rolled and annealed to produce sheet with strength comparable to conventional pack-rolled titanium 6-4 sheet, but with improved formability due to higher room-temperature ductility. The Company has demonstrated that ATI 425® Alloy sheet can be produced with superior gauge control and improved surface finish. These performance advantages offer aircraft designers new opportunities for improving the manufacturability and weight-saving potential of aerospace components.

ATI recently concluded a year-long program to characterize the mechanical properties of ATI 425® Alloy. Results have been approved for addition in the Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization Handbook 06, a pre-requisite for broad application of this alloy in the aerospace industry.

In addition, ATI Aerospace is displaying a low-pressure turbine case made from its advanced ATI 718 Plus® Alloy. The application demonstrates the higher temperature capability of this new nickel-based superalloy to offer engine makers weight and cost savings opportunities through its high strength, superior formability, and enhanced wear resistance.

ATI Aerospace Farnborough ’10 displays also reflect the Company’s increased product breadth by showcasing several ATI Powder Metals applications. These applications include ATI Low-Carbon Astroloy™ nickel-powder alloy and ATI 720PM™ nickel-powder alloy for near-net shape turbine disks, spacers, and rotors.

ATI’s display also features samples of its solutions for difficult-to-machine materials, near-net-shape products for jet engine structures, and new titanium tube products for aerospace applications.


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