Westinghouse LED Lighting Systems Roll Out Efficient Lighting System with PolyBrite Technology

PolyBrite International’s Westinghouse LED Lighting Systems announced the rollout of the Marquee 60 bulb that has been designed with PolyBrite™ technology as an ornamental light bulb.

“The Marquee 60 bulb is the first bulb to hit the market in our new line of energy efficient, long lasting light bulbs,” said Carl Scianna, President/CEO and Inventor of PolyBrite™ technology. “The Marquee 60 bulb provides up to 90% energy savings and up to 100% maintenance savings with no noticeable heat transmission.”

PolyBrite’s patented polymer/LED technology enhances LEDs by defusing and dispersing the light. The Marquee 60 bulb provides the equivalent of 12 to 15 watts of incandescent light. Available in all LED colors, including white and clear, the non-breakable PolyBrite globe and solid-state technology provide unsurpassed quality and durability.

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