John Wiley’s New Book on Elevated Temperature Coatings

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new book "Elevated Temperature Coatings: Science and Technology IV" to their offering.

This conference proceedings focuses on processing and characterizing high-temperature coatings with regard to engineering, physical, and chemical properties. It includes the synthesis of new and unconventional coating materials and addresses various existing methods along with novel and innovative techniques of producing coatings and their applications.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Accelerated Durability Testing Of Coatings For Gas Turbines (M.J. Stiger, R. R. Handoko, J.L. Beuth, F.S. Pettit And G.H. Meier).
  • Synthesis Of Alpha-Al2O3 Template On Ni Superalloy Surface By Chemical Vapor Deposition (Y.-F. Su, M. Torzilli, J.D. Meyer, W.Y. Lee, M.J. Lance, C.J. Rawn And S. Ruppi).
  • Characterization Of Commercial Eb-Pvd Tbc Systems With Cvd (Ni,Pt)Al Bond Coatings (J.A. Haynes, M.J. Lance, B.A. Pint And I.G. Wright).
  • Interfacial Microstructure For As-Deposited And Cycled-To-Failure Thermal Barrier Coating (Altaf H. Carim, Tabbeth A. Dobbins, Merrilea J. Mayo And Lucille A. Giannuzzi).
  • Advanced Thermal Coating Systems: Research And Development Trends (C. Leyens, U. Schulz And M. Peters).
  • Effect Of Hf Additions To Pt Aluminide Boand Coats On Eb-Pvd Tbc Life (James Nesbitt, Ben Nagaraj And Jeffrey Williams).
  • Damage Induced By Thermal Cycling Of Thermal Barrier Coatings (Vladamir K. Tolpygo And David R. Clarke).
  • Modeling Thermal Stresses And Measuring Thin Film Cte In Mosi2 And Mosi2+Sic Composite Coatings On Molybdenum (Earl C. Hixson, C. Suryanarayana, Graham G.W. Mustoe And John J. Moore).
  • Interdiffusion Behavior In An Aluminide Coated Nickel-Base Alloy At 1150C (B. Gleeson, E. Basuki And A. Crosky).
  • Predicting Interdiffusion Microstructure Using The Phase Field Approach (Kaisheng Wu, Yunzhi Wang And John E. Morral).
  • Synthesis Of Hf-Doped Cvd -Nial Coating By Continuous Doping Procedure (G.Y. Kim, J.D. Meyer, L.M. He, W.Y. Lee And J.A. Haynes).
  • A New Analysis For The Determination Of Ternary Interdiffusion Coefficients For Ni-Cr-Al And Fe-Ni-Al Alloys (Y.H. Sohn And M.A. Dayananda).
  • In-Situ Processing Of Nickel Aluminide Coatings On Steel Substrates (Rajesh Ranganathan, Olga Vayena, Teiichi Ando, Charalabos C. Doumanidis And Craig A. Blue).
  • Development Of Protective Coatings For High-Temperature Metallic Materials (R. Keith Bird, Terryl A. Wallace And Sankara N. Sankaran).
  • Rare Earth Oxide Coatings For Life Extension Of Chromia Forming Alloys (Stela M.C. Fernandes And Lalgudi V. Ramanathan).
  • High Temperature Surface Oxidation Chemistry Of In-738Lc (Sudipta Seal, Leyda A. Bracho, Vimal Desai And Kirk Scammon).
  • Oxidation Kinetics And Morphology Of Laser Surface Engineered Hard Coating On Aluminum (Narendra B. Dahotre And Lalitha R. Katipelli).
  • The Influence Of Metallic Coatings On The Structure, Wetting, And Mechanical Strength Of Ceramic/Metal Interfaces (Natalia Sobczak And Rajiv Asthana).
  • Functionally Graded Materials Produced By Laser Cladding (Jeff T. De Hosson And Yutao Pei).
  • Electrophoretic And Electrolytic Deposition Of Ceramic Films (I. Zhitomirsky).
  • Yttria Stabilized Zirconia/Alumina Coatings Deposited By Combustion Chemical Vapor Deposition (D.W. Stollberg, J.M. Hampikian, M. Mcintosh And W.B. Carter).
  • High Temperature Oxidation Of Vc Coated H13 Steel (Swapnil Shah And Narendra B. Dahotre).
  • Near Net Shape Forming Of Hafnium-Based Ceramic Components: Synthesis And Characterization (Arvind Agarwal, Tim Mckeechnie, Stuart Starett And Mark M. Opeka).
  • Protective Cvd Mullite Coatings With Controlled Composition And Microstructure (S.M. Zemskova, J.A. Haynes And K.M. Cooley).
  • The Spectral Emittance And Stability Of Coatings And Textured Surfaces For Thermophotovoltaic (Tpv) Radiator Applications (B.V. Cockeram And J.L. Hollenbeck).
  • Textured Diamond Films On Si And Cu Substrates By Hfcvd Technique (Ashok. Kumar, A.K. Sikder, J. Mark Anthony And D.S. Misra).


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