FUJIFILM Showcases New Q-Class Printheads at Shanghai International Expo

FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc., the world's leading supplier of drop-on-demand inkjet printheads for industrial applications, today reported its participation at the 18th annual Shanghai International Ad, Print, Pack & Paper Expo July 7-10 exceeded expectations.

An eager reception for its industrial printing and materials deposition products, and a strong showing of its new Q-Class printheads in dozens of OEM printer products around the show floor were defining factors.

The new Q-Class family of piezoelectric drop-on-demand (Piezo DOD) inkjet printheads dominated the company’s APPPEXPO 2010 presence at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. There, Fujifilm Dimatix unveiled three new Q-Class products and displayed nearly 25 different applications of inkjet printing.

The Q-Class product lines now include:

  • Dimatix Spectra™ Polaris printheads for a broad range of graphics printing applications, which utilize the binary operating mode of Dimatix' VersaDrop™ jetting technology and the Q-Class product platform to deliver ink drop sizes from 15 to 150 picoliters from 512 individually addressable nozzles at frequencies up to 45 kHz with exceptional straightness.
  • Dimatix Performa™ brand printheads for high-performance graphics printing applications, including the Q-Class based Sapphire and Emerald printheads with VersaDrop™ grayscale operating modes.

Materials Deposition- Asian Market Introduction

APPPEXPO 2010 with its more than 100,000 visitors from around the world also served as the venue in Asia for Fujifilm Dimatix to introduce the DMP-3000 Materials Printer, featuring the new D-Class printheads, for use with the DMP-3000-- and to showcase live demonstrations of the DMP-3000 producing printed electronics.

Based on Dimatix' proprietary Silicon MEMS (Si MEMS) technology, the new D-Class printheads feature 1 and 10 pl drop sizes and 128 individually addressable channels with driver per nozzle (DPN) technology to compensate for any variability between channels. Designed for non-contact printing of functional fluids for applications such as displays, electronics and biotechnology, the new printheads can deposit conductive lines and features so small that they are not visible to the naked eye.

Proof in the Booth…

The steady stream of visitors to the Fujifilm Dimatix booth was also treated to a display of nearly 25 different applications of inkjet printing. These samples printed by Dimatix' OEM customers from around the world using Dimatix inkjet technology represented a wide array of commercial applications. The products included tabletops printed to look like metal and marble, along with fired ceramic tiles, glass panels, wood, 3-dimensional models, and electrical components. To demonstrate textiles, the booth rug and conference room drapes featured inkjet-printed designs, mannequins were outfitted in inkjet-printed apparel and chairs were upholstered with fabric printed using Dimatix inkjet technology.

…And Around the Show Floor

In addition to the various displays at the Fujifilm Dimatix booth, the company’s Spectra printhead products were represented around the Expo floor by a dozen leading OEMs and manufacturers who collectively exhibited 36 high-performance UV and solvent inkjet printers. These included an exceptionally strong showing by Chinese printer manufacturers Runjiang Group, GongZheng Technology Development Co., Ltd, Honghua Digital Technology Stock Co. Ltd, Wit-Color Digital Science & Technology Co., Teckwin International, Hi-Jet and Anhui Liyu Computer Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Many OEMs have incorporated new Fujifilm Dimatix 512-jet Spectra Polaris printheads in their latest wide format inkjet printer designs. Most of the printers were UV and solvent ink designs featuring Spectra Polaris PQ-512/15 and PQ-512/35 printheads. These included the new Rodin P9320 solvent printer from HiJet and a new design from Flex Europa that featured eight Spectra Polaris PQ-512/15 heads. Other configurations included as few as two printheads with a total of 1,024 channels to models with as many as 12 printheads for jetting ink through more than 6,000 independent nozzles.

The Spectra Polaris PQ-512 series are general-purpose drop-on-demand printheads that utilize the binary operating mode of Dimatix’ VersaDrop™ jetting technology and Q-Class construction to deliver adjustable ink drop sizes from 512 individually addressable nozzles. Polaris series printheads are compatible with a broad range of inks, including UV-curable inks aggressive organic solvents and most recently aqueous inks, making them suitable for a wide variety of commercial and industrial printing applications such as wide-format, label and decorative printing, at resolutions up to 1000 dpi.

Additional printer models displayed by OEMs on the show floor included a Dimatix Spectra Nova-based solvent printer from Korean manufacturer DGI Company as well as several other Spectra Galaxy and Spectra Skywalker based printers.

“The Shanghai International Ad, Print, Pack & Paper Expo has become one of the world’s prominent venues for the global advertising and sign industry and a showcase for inkjet technology in the Far East,” said Martin Schoeppler, President and CEO, FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc.

"Our growing presence at APPPEXPO 2010 – and our success there by every conceivable measure – reflects our determination to play a leading role in the Chinese inkjet printing market, and demonstrates that FUJIFILM Dimatix offers developers in China and around the world the most comprehensive range of inkjet printhead products capable of addressing the broadest spectrum of industrial applications.”

Source: http://www.dimatix.com/

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