New Research Report on Global Laboratory Glassware and Plasticware Market

Laboratory equipment covers a variety of laboratory instruments, apparatus and products, ranging from as simple and basic as test tubes used in basic school laboratories to more complex laboratory ovens finding application in advanced research institutions.

The laboratory equipment market evolved dramatically over the years, thanks to rise in expenditure on research and development, which proved to be one of its primary growth drivers. Against this backdrop, the market for laboratory glassware & plasticware too made a significant mark across the globe. Though, there is no universal material that addresses every single requirement in laboratory, the decision to use glass or plastic labware however largely depends on the application, design of the instrument in accordance with specific properties of material and cost aspects.

Traditionally, glass has been the key material of choice for a majority of laboratory ware due to its extensive thermal and chemical resistance. Laboratory glassware continues to remain the largest revenue contributor to the overall laboratory glassware & plasticware market. However, over the years plastic has slowly but steadily made inroads into the laboratory setting due to a number of advantages. Primary among them is safety from breakage while handling hazardous chemicals, radioactive substances, and carcinogens. Moreover, with the increasing use of hazardous materials in laboratories, leak proof plastic containers are widely considered to be the best storage products. The plastics industry is currently seeking new injection molding process innovations that can cut fabrication costs and improve product quality. Additionally, plastic laboratory ware are cost effective in comparison with glassware.

As stated by the new market research report on Laboratory Glassware and Plasticware, developed markets such as Europe and the US have been the traditional revenue contributors to the global market for laboratory glassware and plasticware, thanks to well-established end-use markets such as pharmaceuticals & chemicals, food & beverages, environmental and petrochemical sectors in these regions. US represents the largest regional market for laboratory glassware & plasticware with an estimated share of almost 40% of the global market. However, developing markets project robust growth outlook in the short to medium term period. Asia-Pacific especially, is projected to wax at a fastest CAGR of more than 5.0% over the analysis period.

By product segment, the Pipette and Pipette Tips remains one of the most significant sub-segments in both laboratory glassware and plasticware markets. Displaying the fastest CAGR of 5.65% over the analysis period, the market for pipette and pipette tips in laboratory plasticware segment is estimated to register US$391.15 million by 2015. Burettes represents the second largest sub-segment in the laboratory glassware market.

Players in the market include AGC Techno Glass Co. Ltd., Bellco Glass Inc., Biohit Oyj, Borosil Glass Works Limited, Eppendorf AG, Gerresheimer AG, Kimble Chase Life Science and Research Products LLC, Kimble Bomex (Beijing) Glass CO. LTD., Mettler-Toledo International Inc., Rainin Instrument LLC, PLT Scientific Sdn Bhd, SciLabware Limited, SCHOTT AG, Sklarny Kavalier A.S., Technosklo Ltd., Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Nalge Nunc International Corporation, and Wheaton Science Products.

The report titled “Laboratory Glassware & Plasticware: A Global Strategic Business Report” announced by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., provides a comprehensive review of current market trends, key growth drivers, and a conceptual overview of laboratory glassware & plasticware. The report also enumerates recent product introductions/innovations and strategic corporate initiatives in addition to providing profiles of key market participants. The report provides market estimates and projections for laboratory glassware & plasticware for the following segments – Laboratory Glassware – (Beakers, Bottles, Burettes, Flasks, Funnels, Measuring Cylinders, Pipette and Pipette Tips, Slides, Stirring Rods, Test Tubes, Tubings, Vials, and Others) and Laboratory Plasticware – (Beakers, Bottles, Flasks, Funnels, Pipette and Pipette Tips, Racks, Test Tubes, Tubings, Vials and Others) by geographic regions – US, Canada, Japan, Europe (France, Germany, Italy, UK and Rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Latin America.


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