AMACO Offers Glazes in New Colors and Sizes

This week AMACO®, a leading manufacturer of ceramic products and art supplies, is adding new colors and sizes to two of its most popular lines.

The first new color is L-510 Black Onyx. Black Onyx is a part of the exciting Lustre Series of lead-free glazes, offering a classic and elegant finish to any cone 05 body. This is a fluid glaze that thrives on texture and will give a beautiful iridescent end result, creating the sensation of oil floating on water.

The PC series are Cone 5-6 lead-free glazes that are a great choice for anyone looking for the results of cone 10 glazes without the use of a gas kiln or firing at such high temperatures. The Potter's Choice series are high fire glazes that can be fired in an oxidation kiln. The first of the new Potter's Choice colors is PC-4 Palladium. This Cone 5-6 glaze is a brilliant silver-colored metallic and can be applied either as a full glaze or as a decorative accent color.

The other new PC colors are PC-41 Verte Lustre and PC-53 Ancient Jasper. Verte Lustre is a rich copper green that exhibits subtle float and a very radiant glow. A slight hint of metallic float gives the end product a stunning reflectance. PC-53 Ancient Jasper draws inspiration from ancient rock. Deep reds purples, yellows, browns, and black burst into rich tones, which look like a combination of many glazes.

The new Potter's Choice glazes are offered in three sizes as shown below:

  • PC-4 Palladium: Pint liquid, Gallon liquid, 25lbs dry
  • PC-41 Verte Lustre: Pint liquid, Gallon liquid, 25lbs dry
  • PC-53 Ancient Jasper: Pint liquid, Gallon liquid, 25lbs dry

New L-510 Black Onyx is available in 4 fl. oz. jars.

Ceramic artist Oliver Comstock, former Director of Sales at Funke Fired Arts, notes, "The PCs are hard to beat when it comes to consistency and variation in the glaze surface, in addition to the selection." This is good news for potters in the full thralls of summer pottery and ready to replenish glaze supplies.


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