John Wiley’s New Report on Metal-Containing Polymers

Research and Markets has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new report "Macromolecules Containing Metal and Metal-Like Elements, Volume 10, Photophysics and Photochemistry of Metal-Containing Polymers" to their offering. (

Metal- and metalloid-containing macromolecules are defined as large molecules (i.e., polymers, DNA, proteins) that contain a metal or metalloid group affiliated with the molecule. This volume describes what is possible with metal-containing polymers where the metal is an essential ingredient in obtaining desired optical and electronic properties. Covering applications in nonlinear optical materials, solar cells, light-emitting diodes, photovoltaic cells, field-effect transistors, chemosensing devices, and biosensing devices, this indispensible guide focuses on the photochemistry and photophysics of metal-containing polymers, with chapters by leading contributors to the core advances in this field.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Preface.
  • Series Preface.
  • Introduction to Photophysics and Photochemistry (Shawkat M. Aly, Charles E. Carraher Jr., and Pierre D. Harvey).
  • Luminescent Organometallic Coordination Polymers Built on Isocyanide Bridging Ligands (Pierre D. Harvey, Sbastien Clment, Michael Knorr, and Jerome Husson).
  • Luminescent Oligomeric and Polymeric Copper Coordination Compounds Assembled by Thioether Ligands (Michael Knorr and Fabrice Guyon).
  • Applications of Metal Containing Polymers in Organic Solar Cells (Chris S. K. Mak and Wai Kin Chan).
  • Functional Silole-Containing Polymers (Junwu Chen, Yong Cao, and Ben Zhong Tang).
  • Photophysics and Photochemistry of Polysilanes for Electronic Applications (Starr Dostie, Cetin Aktik, and Mihai Scarlete).
  • Polymers with Metal-Metal Bonds as Models in Mechanistic Studies of Polymer Photodegradation (David R. Tyler, Bevin Daglen, and Ginger Shultz).
  • Optical Properties and Photophysics of Platinum-Containing Poly (aryleneethynylene)s (Wai-Yeung Wong).
  • Luminescence in Polymetallic Gold-Heteronuclear Derivatives (Antonio Laguna and Jose M. Lpez-de-Luzuriaga).
  • Functional Self-Assembled Zinc(II) Coordination Polymers (Chi-Chung Kwok and Chi-Ming Che).
  • Redox and Photo Functions of Metal Complex Oligomer and Polymer Wires on the Electrode (Mariko Miyachi and Hiroshi Nishihara).


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