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Cellect’s Submergible Opflex System Detects and Absorbs Oil from Ocean Surface

On August 21st, Scott Smith, Owner/CEO of Cellect Plastics LLC (Cellect), a client of Novak Druce + Quigg LLP attorney William Ramey III, and his team returned to Venice, LA to deploy the Submergible Opflex™ Underwater Oil Detection System.

Geolabs, Inc. (Geolabs), an accredited, independent testing facility located in Braintree MA, returned positive results confirming that crude oil was absorbed by and detected on Opflex™ in an area approximately 5 miles off the coast and 40 feet below the surface (29 11. 9694 N, 88 56. 8610 W).

David Kahler, CEO of Geolabs stated, “After running the samples, it is clear that the Opflex™ collected crude oil on its matrix. The results show Scott Smith's mechanism of placing Submergible Opflex™ in the Gulf of Mexico works. Visually, the expectation was of some concern since the green Opflex™ foam showed no color change; but, in handling the foam, the texture indicated an oily film. This clear almost sheen-like oil comes from the dispersants used.” Cellect has selected Geolabs as its official evaluation center for samples of Submergible Opflex™.

Submergible Opflex Underwater Oil Detection System being deployed off coast of Venice, LA.

Scott Smith stated, “We headed to Venice last week to deploy Submergible Opflex™ from Captain James Peters’ boat -- the same boat utilized by NBC and Environmental Correspondent Ann Thompson. We set out to prove that Opflex™ can withstand the strong currents and rough waters that make traditional detection methods with adsorbent conventional pom poms futile; and to demonstrate that Opflex™ can detect and remove oil beneath the ocean surface. Submergible Opflex™ exceeded all expectations in the initial deployment.”

Smith continued, “Additionally, many local Venice fishermen are confident that Opflex™ will prove to be the most efficient, environmentally sound and cost effective method for detecting and absorbing the oil beneath and on the surface of the Gulf waters.”

Venice Boat Captain Larry Hooper commented, “Opflex™ works extremely well. I saw it used during the cleanup of oil in the marshes. Opflex™ should have been here since day one and we would have had far less damage to our beaches and marshes.”

Cellect’s Opflex™ is changing the way underwater oil is detected and dealt with in that it can be submerged to first find and then absorb oil beneath the ocean surface. Opflex™ absorbent pom poms excel in direct comparison with the conventional pom pom cleanup and detection methods which adsorb (attract oil to its surface) only. Traditional adsorbents release oil in currents or rough waters.

“I have witnessed both the Gulf and Dalian, China oil spills first hand and it has changed my life forever,” commented Smith. He continued, “I feel humbled to have had the opportunity work on the water and in the oil alongside the local fishermen and residents most affected by these disasters. I have been honored to put Opflex™ into their hands.”


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