New Nanoparticles-Enhanced Product for Treating Skin Disorders

An effective remedy for almost all types of skin disorders occurring today, Sterling’s Derma Mist Colloidal Silver comes in the form of a dispersion containing pico and nano silver particles that are suspended in water.

It is highly efficient in fighting against numerous skin disorders by damaging the dangerous bacterial cells that cause skin infections in us. While keeping your body clean and hygienic, Sterling’s Derma Mist is very effective in treating acute skin disorders like Eczema, Acne and Psoriasis.

The working of the new Sterling’s Colloidal Silver product is simple. It has the capability of blocking an enzyme necessary for the production of oxygen by the bacterial cell when they come in contact with the bacteria. The antimicrobial property of the pico and nano silver particles are long known to us and the same property has been used in the manufacture of this efficient product aiming to get rid of all forms of bacterial skin disorders.

The lack of oxygen production kills the bacteria, but does not cause any harm to our healthy cells and tissues. They are also capable of altering the DNA structure of the microbes and thus can destroy almost all kinds of microbes that cause mild to serious skin disorder in us. Thus, Colloidal Silver offers natural skin disorder treatment by destroying the harmful bacteria alone and does not produce any side effect on the body.

Colloidal Silver is a permanent solution to different types of skin infections, that too in the most safe and natural manner. As per the reports provided by the researcher’s at the Facedoctor, this new product introduced recently offers a wide aspect of advantages in addition to killing of harmful microorganisms. While helping to sterilize materials, they can even be used for healing wounds rapidly without producing any scars.

They are even capable of getting rid of bad breath and can be sprayed to eliminate the bad odor of garbage. But the most significant feature of Sterling’s Derma Mist is of course their magnificent power of chucking out various forms of skin infections like skin rashes, itching, and even ear and eye infections. It is produced with high quality purified water and passes filtration about 32 times before bottling so as to ensure utmost safety and hygiene. All the processing is performed in a positively vented dirt free room to provide with utmost cleanliness. This produce can be purchase online.


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