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Market Report on New Coal Chemical Sector in China

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "China New Coal Chemical Industry Report, 2009-2010" report to their offering. (

The coal chemical industry is a sector with coal as the raw material which gets transformed to gas, liquid, solid fuel and chemicals through chemical processing, producing a wide range of chemical products. Coal chemical industry falls into the traditional coal chemical industry and new coal chemical industry; wherein, the former consists of coal coking, coal calcium carbide, coal synthesis ammonia (fertilizer), etc, while the latter is comprised of Coal-to-Olefin, SNG, Coal-Ethylene Glycol, Coal-to-Liquids, etc.

It is suitable to develop the coal chemical industry in China where coal resources abound and there is a lack of oil and natural gas. The traditional coal chemical industry of China has developed into a mature stage featured by the overheating of investments and overcapacity, while the new chemical industry is still in its early development. The State Council of the Peoples Republic of China calls for carrying out the demo project construction in coal chemical industry, a move will push the new coal chemical industry towards a way of industrialization and substantial scale.

Concretely, two of the three national-level demonstration Coal-to-Olefin projects have successfully put trial production and run commercial operation. The projects concerning converting coal to natural gas is still under construction and are expected to put into production successively after 2012. In respect of Coal-Ethylene Glycol, Tongliao project of Danhua Chemical Technology finished its pilot operation in 2009, and it is expected to run into commercial operation in 2010. Moreover, three coal liquefaction projects all made success in trial running at the end of 2008. Apart from the national demo projects, other investors are constructing and planning suitable new coal chemical projects. For instance, Anhui Huainan Chemical Groups Coal-to-Olefin project, Hebi Baoma Groups Coal-Ethylene Glycol project, etc.

The report gives an in-depth study on 4 types of new coal chemical industries including Coal-to-Olefin, SNG, Coal-Ethylene Glycol and coal-to-liquids in the aspects of the marketing of downstream products, project economics, related industry policies, enterprises and projects concerned, etc.


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