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ICP For Wear Metals Analysis

The Teledyne Leeman Labs Prodigy ICP spectrometer, supplied in the UK by Lambda Advanced Technology, is ideally suited to the analysis of wear metals and other particles recovered from used oil lubricants. Its large area solid state detector provides simultaneous detection of all elements with a fast analysis time.

The solid state detector detects all wavelengths simultaneously meaning that the full ICP spectrum is available to the analyst in a single exposure. Smaller array-based systems require multiple exposures to acquire a complete spectrum and even then the full range of spectral lines may not be available. It is eesential for the entire elemental range to be accessible so that the analyst can react quickly to changing analytical requirements.

Since different wavelengths are centred on different positions on the large are detector, small pixel sub arrays can be readout for speed of analysis, while still retaining access to the full spectrum.

Fast turnaround of samples and accurate analysis are key requirements for wear metals analysis. The Prodigy system offers a rapid sample throughput of 43 seconds per sample, including sample injection, measurement and rinsing.

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