BASF Present New Generation Finishing Technologies for Metals at Hanover Trade Fair

BASF presents a completely new generation of passivations for metal surfaces, especially zinc-plated steel coil. “There are no toxicological problems with the Lugalvan® Passivation product range because, unlike other products on the market, they work without heavy metals”, explained Dr. Helmut Witteler, Head of Development Metal Surface Treatment at BASF. "We have achieved a technological breakthrough because, as well as protecting the substrate from corrosion, these films also have the ability to repair themselves. Previously, this was only possible with toxic chromates”. Damage to the passivating layer, such as occurs during cold working, repairs itself, and the result is that Lugalvan® Passivation products give rise to a large increase in the corrosion resistance of uncoated metal surfaces.

For one of its well-established products BASF has identified premiering of aluminium as new application. As BASF chemist Dr. Witteler explained, “Metal finishers can use our Lugalvan® FDC copolymer to reduce their manufacturing costs, because the aluminium does not have to be degreased before our product is applied and the surface can then be painted if necessary. Lugalvan® FDC acts as a transparent passivating film and as an adhesion promoter. In many applications there is no longer any need for intensive precleaning and repeated rinsing as in conventional passivation processes. The BASF copolymer enables processes to be simplified and substantial cost savings can be achived”. The use of Lugalvan® FDC as transparent sealer coatings applied to galvanized steel and aluminium is already well established.

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