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Upgrade Packages Now Available for PANalytical Wafer Analyzers

PANalytical has introduced a series of upgrades for its XRF Wafer Analyzers, these include: a new version of the SuperQ software that will enhance the user interface and improve integration with other metrology techniques; new Boron detection channels to boost the system’s gauge capability; and improved embedded firmware for excellent results with very thin or flexible wafers.

For a limited period, owners of PW2800, PW2820, PW2830 and PW2880 systems have the opportunity to enhance their systems with the new upgrade packages at a reduced price. Users should contact their local PANalytical sales representative or request a quotation at

The new SuperQ software has enhanced the FP-Multi results presentation to provide users with a full data report or allow selection of particular parameters.

It also offers an improved interface with complementary techniques, enabling, for example, smooth integration for those fabs that collect data on film thickness by an alternative technology. This data is than transferred to a PANalytical Wafer Analyzer to obtain the film's composition. These fabs do not make use of the Wafer Analyzer’s capability of simultaneous determination of film thickness and composition.

Additional features, such as predefined measurements that start at the touch of a button, a number of user-specified options and improved sample list editing, are also included.

PANalytical’s new Boron detectors improve gauge capability in a BPSG application by at least a factor of two. This can either improve throughput at a given accuracy, or increase accuracy at a given data collection time. A combination of both advantages is also realizable.

Upgrade options also include new embedded firmware for the PW2820, PW2830 and PW2880 systems. This makes analysis of very thin or flexible wafers highly accurate and reproducible. Improved elimination of external mechanical influences further enhances the quality of results.

PANalytical has supported the semiconductor and data storage industry with WDXRF wafer analyzers for more than a decade. Now, with these upgrade packages, established users can add significant capability to their existing systems.

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