New Model 44-AW Plastics Welder Provides Versatility to Plastics Fabrication Shop

The model 44-AW plastics welder by Kamweld Technologies, Inc. adds versatility to any plastics fabrication shop.

The welder has rugged stainless steel construction throughout and features a three position wattage switch for effectively welding different plastics. It operates on shop air or inert gas. The 44-AW welder’s heating element is designed from material engineered not to crack or fail if the gun is accidently dropped on the floor. A complete set of individual replacement parts is available.

The model 44-AW can be used at two low watt settings for slower hot gas welding applications such as plastic repair work and fabricating plumbing fixtures. At its high watt setting the welder can be used for production work with fabricating speeds up to 60 inches per minute.

When used with inert air the 44-AW gun provides increased weld strength on polyolefins such as polypropylene (PP) and high density polyethylene (HDPE).


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