Axion International Wins Second Thermoplastic Railroad Ties Order

Axion International (OTCBB: AXIH), producer of the world’s strongest recycled composite plastic industrial building products and railroad ties, announced it was awarded a second purchase order to install its thermoplastic railroad ties, designed from 100% recycled plastic, in the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The project calls for Axion to deliver its recycled plastic crossties to the city of Calgary, by means of its Canadian distributor, H.J. Skelton (Canada) Ltd.

Peter Fraser, President of H.J. Skelton commented, “As Axion’s principle sales and distribution partner in Canada, we are thrilled to see some of our initial test orders in markets like Calgary evolve into more substantial purchase orders. In fact, this particular purchase order relates to the complex application of under-road crossings, compounded by freezing temperatures in the winter months in Canada, which demonstrates the strengths of Axion’s thermoplastic material under high-stress applications since they are subject to the impact of both trains and automobile traffic, along with extreme temperature fluctuations.”

The city of Calgary operates approximately 28 miles (45 kilometers) of track for Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs), serving a population over 1 million. The city originally ordered 60 Axion ties as a test phase project in early 2009. After performing well during a complete freeze-cycle during the Canadian winter months, Calgary is now moving forward with this second purchase order. After being delivered by H.J. Skelton, some of the ties will be integrated into a railroad crossing, whereby the ties are set under the road level so vehicles can cross the tracks in an “at-grade intersection.” The new ties are believed to be the first grade-level crossing using 100% recycled thermoplastic ties, as opposed to wood or concrete.

“We are thrilled to receive a new order from the city of Calgary for our proprietary composite railroad ties,” stated Steve Silverman, Axion’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “This purchase order not only opens additional sales potential in and around Calgary itself, it also represents an opportunity to expand our relationship with other transit agencies and railways in Canada as we continue to demonstrate the real-world applications of our thermoplastic technology and its superior strength and long-life characteristics compared with more traditional railroad tie material such as timber and concrete.”

H.J. Skelton has worked with Axion on the Calgary LRV system since 2009 when their first order of 60 ties were installed and tested in Calgary’s train system. The “CTrain” as it is known today began operation in 1981. The popular CTrain carries over 280,000 passengers every weekday, more than any other light rail system in North America.

Axion’s products have been effectively demonstrated in other Canadian cities as well. In March 2009, its thermoplastic railroad ties were showcased and installed under special track at the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) streetcar line. As more cities begin to utilize Axion’s 100% recycled thermoplastic technology in railroad tie applications, management expects traditional materials such as creosote treated timber will decrease in prevalence due to its negative impact on the environment and frequent need for replacement.

Developed in conjunction with Rutgers University’s Materials Sciences and Engineering Department, Axion’s RSC is inert and contains no toxic materials. It is impervious to insect infestation, will never leach toxic chemicals nor warp. Because it is lighter than traditional materials, transporting RSC is less expensive and reduces energy costs. In addition, RSC is completely recyclable at the end of its functional life.


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