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Basell Launches New High-Performance Hostalen HDPE Resin

Basell has developed a new HDPE resin using its proprietary Hostalen Advanced Cascade Process (ACP) technology to deliver an unprecedented combination of outstanding environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR) and high throughput which converters and end-users require for carbonated soft drink and mineral water beverage closures and collapsible tubes.

According to James Stern, technical manager for caps and closures in Basell Polyolefins Europe, customers continue to seek higher-performing materials in these markets.

“Beverage closures need to withstand extreme climate conditions, a long shelf life and high carbonation levels, while collapsible tubes need to resist extreme stress in use,” said Stern. “Converters demand faster cycle times, without a loss in ESCR. We invite them to assess our new Hostalen GX4027 resin, part of Basell’s Hostalen HDPE family of materials.”

Basell test results show that Hostalen GX4027 can have an ESCR performance several times greater than the current HDPE MFR2 industry standards.

Industrial trials of Hostalen GX4027 conducted by converters have shown that significant savings in total cycle times are possible with melt temperatures reduced by 40°C and with no mould filling issues. Additionally, independent sensory tests have shown the material to exhibit good organoleptics that are generally required in beverage applications.

Basell is the world's largest producer of polypropylene and advanced polyolefin products, a leading supplier of polyethylene and catalysts, and a global leader in the development and licensing of polypropylene and polyethylene processes. Basell, together with its joint ventures, has manufacturing facilities around the world and sells products in more than 120 countries.

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