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Michelin Unveil Latest Truck Tyre Tread Design Innovations

Michelin will unveil its latest truck tyre tread design innovations, the revolutionary patented Double Wave and Rain Drop sipes. These sipes considerably improve the grip, durability and safety of truck tyres. This technology sets a new standard of tyre performance in the challenging weather conditions where grip is aversely affected.

The first tyre generations to incorporate the new tread design technology are the Michelin XDN 2 Grip and the Michelin XFN 2 Antisplash.

Designed for drive axles and regional winter use, the Michelin XDN 2 Grip will increase mileage by up to 25%more compared with its predecessor, the Michelin XDN Grip. At two-thirds worn, the XDN 2 Grip offers 15% more traction on winter roads, and 30% more on wet and slippery roads. In other words, the XDN 2 Grip means more grip for greater safety and better mileage. Plus, the long-lasting grip means that truck users can keep the same tyre fitment for two winters.

Designed for steer axles and used in combination with the XDN 2 Grip, the Michelin XFN 2 Antisplash marks the first steer tyre to use the Double Wave sipe. This sipe has greater wear resistance and therefore higher mileage. Featuring the Michelin Antisplash system, it offers safety in wet and slushy conditions, significantly improvingvisibility and safety for both car and truck drivers.

With XFN 2 Antisplash tyres on the front axle, and XDN 2 Grip tyres on the drive axle, trucks are well equipped to withstand challenging, grip averse, weather conditions throughout the year, without compromise to mileage.

In 2005, with Durable Grip Technology, Michelin has once again demonstrated its commitment to offer all truck drivers “a better way forward”.

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