Anderson Thermal Devices Offers New Ceramic Reflective Coated Quartz Halogen Lamps

Anderson Thermal Devices Inc..offers a new ceramic reflective coating on infrared quartz halogen lamps and heaters called “RadReflect”.

The new coating has 95% of the reflective efficiency of gold, is less expensive, handles higher temperatures, and has a longer life than gold coated quartz lamps.

The reflective coating makes the heaters unidirectional, radiating most of the energy from the infrared emitters toward the substrate without an external reflector.

Gold vaporizes at a comparatively lower temperature than ceramic. Also, gold reflective material must be cooled to prevent overheating and cannot be used in a vacuum. These factors allow for the RadReflect (ceramic reflective coated quartz halogen lamps) to be operated at higher application temperatures while keeping the back of the high quality quartz tube cool, extending the quartz halogen lamp life.

The reflective coating is on shortwave quartz halogen lamps, medium wave quartz heaters, and medium wave fast versions, allowing for the optimum wavelength and off and on speeds needed. The “RadReflect” quartz halogen lamps are available in single, twin tube, and special configurations.


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