Cyrium’s QDEC Solar Cells Power High Concentrating Photovoltaic Power Station in China

Cyrium Technologies, Inc., a leading developer and supplier of concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) cells, today announced the grand opening of a 200 KW HCPV (high concentrating photovoltaic) power station owned and operated by Qingdao HG Solar Energy Co., Ltd.

The HCPV systems at the facility are powered by Cyrium’s QDEC® high efficiency triple junction CPV cells installed in modules manufactured by Suntrix Co., Ltd. and mounted on tracking systems designed by Suntrix and produced by Qingdao HG Solar Energy Co. Ltd.

“Cyrium has been working for more than a year to establish a presence in the Chinese market. Our relationship with a great company like Suntrix is just the first step in our efforts to bring Cyrium’s patented QDEC® concentrator photovoltaic technology to the Chinese market,” said Harry Rozakis CEO and President of Cyrium. “The Qingdao project is a terrific example of what can happen when government and industry work together to drive clean technology.”

”The plant is operating with a system efficiency of 25%,” said Guy Rong, CEO of Suntrix, “ which means this station is not only the highest scale of HCPV in production, but also the highest efficiency for photo electric conversion in China.”

Collaboration on this demonstration project began several months ago between Suntrix and Cyrium Technologies and highlights the opportunity that exists in China for HCPV systems. Construction of the power station started in November 2010 and was completed this month, clearly demonstrating the ease and speed with which HCPV systems can be deployed for utility scale solar energy projects.

Cyrium’s portion of the project received support from Environment Canada’s Asia Pacific Partners (APP) program, as part of the Canadian government’s effort to bring Canadian and China based companies together to foster cross-border collaboration on cleantech projects.

During the opening ceremonies, Counselor of the State Council , Chairman of National Energy Expert Advisory Committee, the former Director of National Energy Bureau Mr. Xu Dingming congratulated each of the project’s contributors on the success of the power plant and requested the parties continue to work toward China’s cleantech effort by accelerating the development of China PV power. In his speech, Mr. Wu Dacheng, Deputy Director of China Photovoltaic Society, recognized the advanced nature of the power station, and commented that he foresees a bright future for the development of HCPV in China.

HCPV is considered to the 3rd generation of PV technology making use of low cost, light-concentrating optical systems and group III-V semiconductor materials for the solar cell. The photo electric conversion efficiency is 2 times more than Si (silicon) technology and requires significantly less land area than other technologies for deployment. It also has the highest possibility of reducing power generation cost to level of using coal, which is of considerable importance in China. The completion of this 200KWp project is a signature event in moving China towards greater deployment and application of HCPV systems to meet its rapidly growing energy needs.


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