Ceram Provide Critical Greenhouse Gas Emission Testing

Companies who are required to have their raw materials analysed for CO2 emissions can turn to CERAM, who are accredited to undertake the relevant testing and reporting.

CERAM, the internationally renowned centre for materials and technology, based in Stoke-on-Trent, UK, is providing an ISO17025 accredited test service to manufacturers in the cement and lime, and ceramic and glass industries, enabling them to meet the requirements of EU ETS Monitoring Reporting in determining emission factors.

Under the European Emissions Trading Scheme, established in January 2004, all industries involved in processing raw materials have to have these materials analysed to establish the level of CO2 emissions. CERAM’s Testing and Environmental division is able to carry out these tests as it accredited to ISO17025 by UKAS.

Explaining the service, Dr Graham Oliver of CTE explained: “It includes; in the case of Ceramic and Glass Industries; an analysis of raw materials for CaO, MgO, Na2O, BaO and alkaline carbonates and the calculation of CO2, and in the case for the Cement and Lime industries it includes analysis of raw materials, clinkers and cement dust for CaO, MgO and the calculation of CO2. For both industries we are also able to determine free carbon and CO2 in all these materials, and determine SO3, F, CI and CO2 in scrubber material.”

“We will then supply certificates of analysis including Loss on Ignition for raw materials, including a separate page for CO2 calculations for submission to the verifiers.”

These are just part of a whole series of accredited tests and analyses CERAM can provide and further information is available from Jon Savage or telephone 01782 764355.

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