Russian Steelmaker Completes Installation of Waste Neutralization Plant

NLMK has finished the installation of a new environmentally friendly industrial waste neutralization plant with the capacity to process 1,200 tonnes of waste per annum. It will be used to burn low-hazard waste materials generated by the Company, including oiled cloth, saw dust, paper and wooden packaging and soil contaminated with oil products, with minimum environmental impact.

The new plant is compact and in line with state-of-the-art technologies. It employs the most efficient neutralization process whereby waste incineration is combined with high-temperature (up to 1100C) thermal decomposition. The plant is equipped with an afterburner with a catalytic reactor for the additional treatment of combustion waste gases.

The technical solution used at the new facility ensures almost complete waste incineration which will reduce the techno-genic impact on the atmosphere by over 20%, compared to previously employed technologies.

The Company has invested over RUR1.5 million into this new environmental project.

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