Nordson Opens New Green Building Headquarters in Ohio

Nordson Corporation (Nasdaq: NDSN) has opened a new 28,000 square-foot global headquarters facility in Westlake, Ohio that incorporates leading green building technologies and is expected to earn a prestigious Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification later this year.

Green and sustainable aspects of the new building include:

  • Optimized lighting systems, including motion-sensor and auto-dimming lights and the extensive use of natural lighting.
  • High-efficiency HVAC systems with individual air flow controls for employees.
  • Low flow water fixtures that dramatically reduce water consumption.
  • A partial green roof planted with native vegetation.
  • A parking lot constructed with permeable pavers and a bioswale landscape feature that helps limit storm water generation.
  • Reflective white roofing materials that reduce heat island effects.
  • A natural landscape design that includes an undisturbed wooded habitat.
  • The extensive use of regionally sourced and recycled construction materials.
  • Priority parking for low-emitting, fuel-efficient and car pool vehicles.

LEED is an internationally recognized green building certification system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) that provides a framework for implementing green building design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions. Nordson’s LEED certification process is currently ongoing and is expected to take approximately a year to complete. The new Nordson building is anticipated to earn a LEED certification level of Silver or Certified and is registered under the latest version of the certification rating system, LEED v3.

There are currently only 62 LEED certified buildings in the greater Cleveland area and 151 in all of Ohio according to the USGBC.

“We are looking forward to having our facility join a select group of LEED certified buildings in Northeast Ohio,” said Ray Cushing, Nordson Treasurer and coordinator of the new building process. “Our new headquarters is a true gem among the region’s green buildings, and its environmentally friendly construction and features are consistent with our philosophy of being stewards of the communities where we operate.”

Cleveland-based architectural firm Doty & Miller Architects, the green building consultant on the project, was instrumental in helping Nordson create an energy efficient and environmentally friendly building. “Careful use of high performance technologies resulted in a building which is anticipated to use less energy while providing a more comfortable environment for the occupants. Beyond providing a payback on the investment made in the systems, the choice of high efficiency equipment and enhanced building envelope design is a tangible representation of Nordson’s dedication to not only the general environment, but also local communities,” said Heather Walters, Consulting Architect and LEED Accredited Professional, Doty & Miller Architects.

Nordson’s corporate staff of 51 moved into the new building at the end of 2010. The decision to build the new facility came after Nordson determined it could significantly reduce ongoing administrative, utility and maintenance costs, yet still meet its business needs, by moving to a smaller space better suited to the needs of its corporate functions. Nordson’s previous headquarters facility, also located in Westlake, was sold to Westlake-based Hyland Software which will continue to operate that building to meet its own growing business needs.

Since its beginning in 1954, Nordson has been one of northeast Ohio’s consistent manufacturing success stories and a leading contributor to local philanthropic causes. Nordson officials credit part of their decision to keep the new headquarters in the area with the business friendly environment provided by local government. “The City of Westlake has been a great partner over the years,” said Cushing. “We want to thank them, along with county and state officials, for ensuring that the administrative side of the building process was a smooth one.”

With $1 billion in sales, Nordson Corporation is one of the world’s leading producers of precision dispensing equipment that applies adhesives, sealants, liquid and powder coatings and other materials to a broad range of consumer and industrial products during manufacturing operations. The company also manufactures equipment used in the testing and inspection of electronic components as well as technology-based systems for UV curing and surface treatment processes. In addition to the Westlake headquarters, Nordson also operates manufacturing facilities in Amherst, Ohio. Overall, the company has direct operations and sales support in more than 30 countries.


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