Visible Optical Filter Installed in iCure System Heats Light Sensitive Plastics in Medical Devices

Icure thermal spot curing equipped with new Vis optical filter safely heats light sensitive plastics used in disposable medical devices.

IRphotonics, a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of Infrared-based materials and systems announced the availability of a Visible Optical Filter for the iCure AS200 Thermal Spot Curing System. The VIS Optical Filter installed in the iCure spot curing system enables heating of heat-sensitive plastics used in disposable medical devices.

By pushing the boundaries of thin-film technology, IRphotonics has created an optical filter that eliminates all visible wavelengths except for a mild red pointer glow to provide infrared energy above 800nm. When coupled with the precision and power of the iCure, it accelerates the curing of two-part glues without affecting heat-sensitive thermoplastics.

"The Vis Optical Filter uses state-of-the-art thin film technology to provide pure Infrared energy into the mid IR spectrum from the iCure. This has clear advantages of better infrared light transmittance compared to traditional absorbing glass filters like zinc selenide or silicon filters, " commented Ruben Burga VP sales at IRphotonics. "Customers with highly colored plastic substrates or highly absorbing matte and black surfaces can now benefit from the unique cure acceleration provided by the iCure AS200."

The iCure provides highly focused light energy through a proprietary mid IR fiber optic light guide that leverages the broad spectrum of energy available from 300-3600nm. UV-sensitive substrates are also protected through the use of an optional UV cut-off optical filter that allows only the wavelengths greater than 400nm (visible and infrared wavelengths) to be transmitted through the iCure light guide and filters out any wavelengths in the harmful UV region.

iCure AS200 Spot Curing System
The iCure AS200 is a revolutionary inline fiber optic system that provides heat by Infrared radiation in a portable unit, delivering pinpoint and accurate control for temperature sensitive substrates and complex devices. Using infrared light to generate heat, the iCure thermal spot curing system combines the advantages of thermal curing with the practicality of spot curing.

Applications include:

  • Spot curing of thermal epoxies;
  • Bonding and fixing of plastic and glass components;
  • Fixing of lenses;
  • Temporary fixing of miniature components;
  • Precision assembly and bonding of semiconductor components;
  • Focused energy for micro soldering;
  • Localized heat welding of thermoplastics.


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