Sharp to Boost Industrial Solar Cell Business

Sharp Corporation has announced new solar power products to meet the needs of the rapidly growing industrial market. The company will release two models of newly developed crystalline thin-film photovoltaic modules. It will also release nine models of polycrystalline and single-crystal photovoltaic modules suitable for a wide range of uses and locations, including for large-scale systems, as well as for installation at high altitudes, in heavy snow regions, and in areas subject to salt air damage.

The company is also establishing the “System Design Center,” which will carry out everything from design to construction of solar power generation systems. In addition, Sharp is beefing up its sales network with more sales people and more extensive sales channels for the industrial market.

With the Kyoto Protocol now in effect, awareness for the preservation of the global environment is stronger than ever, and solar power generation systems, which generate electricity without emitting CO2, are attracting more and more attention around the world. Japan leads the solar power generation system market with growing demand centering mainly on residential models. Furthermore, the near future is widely expected to bring rapidly increasing demand for large-scale solar power systems for public and industrial uses.

As the world’s top manufacturer of solar cells for the past five years in a row, Sharp is making the most of its wealth of technology and know-how to boost the lineup of products for industrial applications.

The NA-8501P crystalline thin-film photovoltaic module uses crystalline thin-film tandem cells with a proprietary structure, which merges the technologies of amorphous silicon and crystal thin-film silicon. It achieves a conversion efficiency 1.5 times that of conventional amorphous silicon modules. Sharp has also developed the NA-58APN1, a translucent module with an attractive design that allows natural lighting to shine through during the daytime.

The ND-V0L1H photovoltaic module for large-scale systems achieves a large 210-W output with 20% fewer panels than previous products, allowing users to reduce installation costs for large-scale systems. The NE-80L3H, NE-80L4H, NT-87L3H, and NT-87L4H photovoltaic modules for high altitudes are 30% stronger than previous models, allowing them to be used in places where high winds and other factors had previously prevented the installation of solar power products.

As standard equipment, Sharp also has 10-KW and 100-KW power conditioners that convert the DC generated by the solar cells into AC.

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