Oerlikon Solar Bags Multiple KAI Thin Film Coating Equipment Order from Dong

Oerlikon Solar today announced an order from Dong Xu Ltd., one of China’s well-known photoelectric glass manufacturers. The order consists of multiple Oerlikon Solar KAI equipment which operates the key process of coating thin film silicon.

With Dong Xu Ltd.’s order, Oerlikon Solar is further increasing its customer base in China. The KAI equipment will be utilized as the core absorber technology for Dong Xu’s initial thin film silicon production line and will form the central part in their thin film silicon production line. The KAI is a fully automated PECVD system (plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition) for the industrial mass production of large-area 1.4 m2 solar modules. Designed for the deposition of amorphous and microcrystalline photovoltaic absorption layers, this system forms the central part of Oerlikon’s field-proven production line. High throughput and yield at low cost are accomplished by the unique batch design and the patented Plasma Box®. With its leading technology, Oerlikon generally offers a highly competitive solution for the production of thin film silicon solar modules which is truly clean, using only non-toxic material, advantageous under real life conditions, and environmental friendly due to a very short energy payback time.

“Both parties have thus laid the grounds for a promising partnership for the planned future expansion of the customer’s manufacturing capacity of thin film silicon solar modules,” says Helmut Frankenberger, CEO of Oerlikon Solar.

Source: http://www.oerlikon.com/

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