Université Laval Produces Permanent Anti-Fog Coating

Scientists led by Gaétan Laroche, a professor at the Université Laval, have developed a permanent anti-fog coating, which is the first of its kind in the market.

According to the researchers, the coating could eradicate the fog on camera lenses, goggles, windshields, eyeglasses and any plastic surface or transparent glass permanently.

The scientists utilized a hydrophilic compound called polyvinyl alcohol, which makes water to spread evenly. The actual issue was to fix the compound firmly against the plastic or glass surface. To tackle this problem, the scientists used four consecutive layers of molecules that created intensive bonds with their adjacent layers, before attaching the anti-fog material over this base. This method developed a multilayered, translucent, thin coating that retains the optical characteristics of the surface on which it is attached. Moreover, the chemical bonds that affix the various layers assure the rigidity and resilience of the whole coating.

The anti-fog coating has already secured two patents. The coating can be used in several applications such as corrective lenses and optical devices utilized in medicine and chemistry, binoculars, camera lenses, protective visors and vehicle windshields. A prominent eyewear firm is already negotiating with the developers to get a license for the new anti-fog coating technology.

Source: http://www.ulaval.ca


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