Solar Gard Launches New Retrofit Window Film

Solar Gard has unveiled a Silver AG 50 Low E retrofit window film for both residential and commercial applications. With the use of the Silver AG 50 film, standard glass can be converted into low emissivity windows.

The Silver AG 50 window film offers various benefits to the users. It helps reduce energy consumption as well as heating and cooling costs. The film helps in saving nearly 80% of cost compared to alternate low emissivity windows. In addition, the window film enhances the carbon footprint of a building.

With the new retrofit film, 63% of internal heat gets reflected back into a room, while untreated windows reflect back only 16% of internal heat in winter. Thus, it decreases heat loss during winter and prevents uncomfortable hotspots inside a building. During summer, the low e film reflects the heat produced by sunlight away from windows. Thus, a room remains cooler and lessens the need for air conditioners.

The retrofit solution offers maximum visible light transmission capacity compared to other low e window films available in the market and provides more natural daylight, illuminating the interior of a room or a building. It offers UV protection, which is approximately two-thirds higher than other low e windows. It also obstructs 99% of harmful UVB and UVA rays from sun. In addition, the Silver AG 50 window film lowers glares produced on computers, TVs and other screens within a building or room.

Solar Gard’s Silver AG 50 film can be used to retrofit existing windows in a cost-effective way, when compared to installing new low e windows. The time taken for new film application process is also less. In addition, it produces less waste and provides a clean finish.

Kathryn Giblin, Solar Gard’s VP of Marketing, stated that the company continues to offer eco-friendly solutions to meet the requirements of energy efficient upgrades.



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