Carpenter Technology Launches Ultra High-Strength Steel Alloy

Carpenter Technology has introduced an ultra high-strength steel (UHSS) alloy called TEMPER TOUGH, a cost-effective replacement to most of the precipitation hardenable alloys containing cobalt.

The UHSS alloy can be utilized in automotive, industrial and general purpose tooling applications.

The TEMPER TOUGH is a cobalt-free quench, air-melted and tempered alloy, which exhibits ultra toughness and strength properties, making it suitable for producing highly durable, lightweight parts that are under heavy loads with continuous strain of powerful, repetitive movements.

The UHSS alloy demonstrates an ultimate tensile strength of 290 ksi and a toughness range from 60 to 65 ksi/in3. It exhibits high fatigue resistance of 120 ksi, while that of quench-and-temper alloy steels is in the range between 79 and 85 ksi. These characteristics of the TEMPER TOUGH make it ideal for use in highly challenging industrial tooling, suspensions, structural members, power trains, drive trains and crank cases.

The TEMPER TOUGH alloy demonstrates Carpenter Technology’s expertise in the development of specialty metals. The company’s market experts, metallurgists, service technicians and engineers are available to help clients in material selection for typical production requirements. At present, the company offers the TEMPER TOUGH alloy products in bar forms.


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