Kyocera Solar Corporation Revamped

Kyocera Corporation has announced that the domestic sales section of its solar energy business is to integrated with its sales subsidiary of solar electric generating systems for residential buildings, Kyocera Solar Corporation.

The objective of integration is to combine two separate sales networks for the domestic market, one of which is for residential buildings and the other for public and industrial buildings, in pursuit of greater synergy in sales infrastructure and information as the common business assets. The synergy will also apply to business management skills and marketing activities. The objective is also to integrate the purchases of system peripherals for streamlined material procurement and improved market competitiveness.

This fiscal year, Kyocera Solar Corporation will be actively expanding its sales channels for the residential housing market. Specifically, the number of franchised shops will increase from 68 currently to 100 and the number of sales agents will increase from 120 to 170. At the same time, the sales for the public and industrial markets will be incorporating part of the sales network for the residential market, resulting in a massive expansion of the operational agents from 175 to 300.

In so doing, Kyocera aims to attain a sales target of 100 billion yen in the whole of its solar energy business in the two years up to the fiscal year ending in March 2007.

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