Exeter Analytical's CHN Analyzer is the System of Choice for Many Universities

The Model CE-440 CHN Elemental Analyzer from Exeter Analytical Inc. has established itself as the system of choice for many universities around the world through its proven unmatched accuracy and precision, low operating costs and wide applications flexibility.

The Model CE-440 is a fully automated CHN/O/S elemental analyzer designed to give accurate, reliable results, over the widest range of sample types presented for analysis. Proven in independent tests to provide unmatched operating accuracy and precision, the Model CE-440 delivers simultaneous CHN analysis in less than 5 minutes - increasing laboratory productivity.

Benefiting from a horizontal furnace design, the Exeter Analytical Model 440, allows analysts to routinely and simply produce accurate and precise data on wide ranging sample types without system re-optimisation, saving precious time and reducing running costs. The advantages of the Exeter CE-440 horizontal furnace design are particularly beneficial to university laboratories analysing filtered environmental samples, organic sediments, volatile liquids and time-dependent combustible samples.

The Model CE-440 uses thermal conductivity detection to measure Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen, after combusting and reducing a sample. Inherently more stable than gas chromatographic based systems the Model CE-440 delivers superior performance and sampling precision over the wide range of sample types faced by a typical university laboratory.

Low gas and reagent consumption combined with high reduction tube life allow the Model CE-440 to deliver some of the lowest operating costs of any CHN elemental analyzer available. Intuitive Windows based operating software reduces human errors through incorporation of extensive automation, comprehensive customer help and diagnostic facilities. Most parts on the Model CE-440 are user replaceable further reducing operating costs and downtime.

As a company dedicated to elemental microanalysis - Exeter Analytical Inc. is uniquely placed to support university customers with a wide range of competitively priced CHN consumables as well as providing highly informed technical and service backup.

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