Uniformity Tape Reduces LCD Panel Production Costs

3M’s Optical Systems Division has developed an exclusive Uniformity Tape to meet the design flexibility demands of LCD manufacturers. The novel tape brings minimizes the number of LED used in LCD panels without compromising on brightness and efficiency and also reduces the manufacturing costs.

Comparison of LCD Monitor without 3M's Uniformity Tape (Left Image) and with 3M's Uniformity Tape.

One side of the unique Uniformity Tape has adhesive, while the other side has a micro-replicated optical design. The tape is fixed to the periphery of the light guide facing towards the LED light source. The tape improves the light distribution characteristic of the light guide from individual LED and this increases the LED spacing. The optical pattern of the Uniformity Tape is even, which eliminates the need for positional installation of LEDs. 3M’s clear tape positions the display edge nearest to the LEDs, which exhibit even brightness when the light source spacing is increased. This enables significant cost savings by eliminating unnecessary LEDs in edge-lit LCD panels.

The Uniformity Tape enables LCD developers to design broader spacing between LEDs by allowing light to pass through the light guide at broader angles.

The Uniformity Tape provides additional benefits when integrated with Dual Brightness Enhancement Film. The combination allows many design innovations to display manufacturers, who can use less number of LEDs to develop a backlight that is cost-effective and complies with energy standards.

Source: http://www.3m.com/

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